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Tryouts and Evaluations for Major League and AAA 

Major League and AAA Tryouts/evaluations are required to determine skill level and readiness for league play and to keep RLL teams evenly matched. 

The sessions will be performed the first week of March, time and location details to be announced soon.

General information is as follows: 

  • This year RLL will only have enough players to field three teams at the Major League level, which means all Major League players will be part of a redraft effort in order for the league to create parity amongst the teams. 
  • It is important to note that all current Major League players understand that they will need to be evaluated. Rest assured that current Major League players (who were on a ML team last year) will not be cut. 
  • AAA players have the option to tryout for a major league team or be evaluated for a team in AAA level.  
  • Major League Tryouts and AAA Evaluations are in the process of being scheduled, details TBA. 
  • Sessions are expected to run approximately 1 hour. 
  • Players should already be registered and, therefore, will receive their tryout “number” upon arrival.  Players may bring their own baseball gear and should dress appropriately (turf shoes, not cleats).  RLL will have equipment on hand, if needed.  Players will be evaluated on several basic baseball skills; this information will be used to rank the player for purposes of team placement.   The number of players selected for the Major League will depend on slots available, which vary from year to year. Those players who are not ready for Major League will be placed on a AAA Team, and those not ready for AAA will be placed on AA.  Registration fees will be adjusted accordingly.  Players will be notified of team placement in a timely manner. 
  • Any questions, please contact Ray Hindle ( ) for more information.