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Flash Jenness Memorial Little League Field

The Flash Jenness Memorial Little League field is named after Irving "Flash" Jenness. Flash became Flash because of his speed on the bases. His parents called him Junior. Flash played baseball in high school and afterwards. He was a member of Rye's championship town hockey team in the 1950s. Flash coached Rye Little League for 27 years. For those 27 years, he taught the children of Rye more than "sportsmanship" in Little League baseball - he taught them how to live it. The Little League field on Recreation Road was dedicated to Flash in 1984.


Pirate Team Photo from 1980
Photo courtesy of Jay Nadeau

Back row, left to right: Irving "Flash" Jenness, Mike Cody (Pitcher/Outfield), Paul Delaney (Outfield), Ricky Matthews (Pitcher/1st Base), Mark Moray (Short Stop/First Base), Rich Hackett (1st Base/3rd Base/Pitcher), Assistant Coach Chris Couch (Flash's son-in-law).

Front row, left to right: David Leland (Outfield/2nd Base), Matt Denman (Pitcher/3rd Base), John Martin, Robbie Sargent (Outfield), David Oeser (Pitcher/Outfield), Patrick Dennehy (Outfield), Tim Moulder (2nd Base/Outfield), Jay Nadeau (Catcher/Short Stop).

Batboy Chris Couch - Asst. Coach Couch's son and Flash Jenness's grandson (we believe).

Flash Jenness Award
The Flash Jenness Award is presented to the Major League player that has consistently demonstrated by his/her actions during games, at practices and at team or League functions, the highest standards of leadership, sportsmanship and athletic ability. The nominations are open to any child playing at the Major League level. This recognition is typically given to a twelve-year-old, yet the League can recognize a younger athlete and on occasion has recognized more than one player. 

Past Flash Jenness Award Winners

2016 - Jack Wade

2015 - Luke Freeman

2014 - Maddie Predaris

2013 - Dylan King

2012 - Jack Reaney

2011 - Garrett Husslage

2010 - Charlie Kendall

2009 - Carter King, Carter Madden and Xavier Quinn

2008 - Curran Sullivan

2007 - Joe Richard

2006 - Duncan Robinson

2005 - Quinn McCann 

2004 - Austin Mikolaities

2003 - John Mulvey

2002 - Adam Whitman

2001 - Kyle Losik

2000 - Casey Sullivan

1999 - Aaron Whittet

1998 - Casey Lockwood

1997 - Dan Sonneborn

1996 - David Harris

1995 - Lindsey Chapman and Zach Piper

1994 - Lani Fortier and Spencer Hagstrom

​1993 - John Kennedy

1992 - Justin Hebert

1991 - Adam Jackson

1990 - Bruce Steinburg

1989 - Matt Cronin and Jason Sharp

1988 - Chad Woodman

1987 - Ryan Jackson

1986 - Brent Willey

1985 - Erik Jacksen

1984 - Delton J Record

1983 - Keith Duggan

1982 - Paul Predaris

1981 - Matt LeBlanc

1980 - Andy Colby and Bob Scruton

1979 - Tom Brown and Tom Flanagan

1978 - Carl "Skip" Gallinas

1977 - Bobby Severance

1976 - Doug Gaskell

1975 - Tim Carberry

1974 - Dillion Wilson


Coach Flash and his team, the Pirates, in 1964
Photo courtesy of Priscilla Jenness