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Philosophy of Rye Little League

Little League baseball reflects the heart and character of those who play it, watch it, and take satisfaction from it. Baseball truly mirrors an American way of life. It embodies the principles and disciplines of teamwork and challenges players to sharpen their physical skills as they play an exciting contest of tactics and strategy.

Little League baseball is a program of service to youth. It is intended to provide an outlet for healthy activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation. It is dedicated to helping children become good citizens. It strives to inspire them, to enrich their lives, and to instill in them the rudiments of teamwork and fair play.

We, as volunteer members of the Rye Little League, are for the most part, parents of the children. We take our role as administrators and coaches very seriously. Our goal is to supply a safe forum for athletic competition, fun, self-awareness, and social growth that emphasizes enjoyment for all these young people. In that regard, significant accomplishments, both large and small, are achieved through the interest, cooperation, and teamwork shown by groups of people who have common causes and objectives and by the examples of behavior they provide both on and off the field.

We believe that the accomplishments of any one individual gain importance only as they contribute to the overall accomplishments of the team; and further, that no matter how small one individual’s efforts or abilities might seem, once they have been blended into teamwork by practice and perseverance, surprising accomplishments can be realized.

Lastly, we believe that there are no failures. Boys and girls, who come to the Rye Little League program with a positive attitude and who try their best, are all winners.

We, therefore, are dedicated to the safety and successful enjoyment of all the young people participating in the Rye Little League program. We are keenly aware of the lasting importance that the feeling and expression of Little League competition will have on these young people. With this philosophy in mind, we adopt, as our mission, the following:

• to place the needs of the children of Rye Little League above our own,
• to concentrate on having fun,
• to emphasize positive values, and
• to provide leadership and guidance when necessary.