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Congratulations: RLL 2017 All Star Players
Manager:  Brian Murphy

Chris Flint

Killian Gray

Jake Haley

Gar Hindle

Tucker Huskey

Jackson Jones

Stone Karnacewicz

Bennett Michaels

Owen Moore

Cade Murphy

Briggs Williams

Owen Wilson

Tyler Wilson


All Stars GameSchedule


Rye 10/11/12 All Stars

NH District II


Follow our All Stars this season.  Below is a link to the NH District II site where you can find the game schedule, standings and more.




by posted 06/19/2017
Congratulations: Killian and Nolan Gray - HR Hitters



2017 Home Run Hitters


Patrick Bancroft - Braves

6/3 - Braves vs. Dodgers


Cade Murphy - Braves

5/2 - Braves vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)


Chris Flint - Braves

5/16 - Braves vs. Pirates

5/20 - Braves vs. Pirates


Lucas Fuller - Cardinals

5/2 - Cardinals vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)


Killian Gray Dodgers

6/14 - Dodgers vs. Pirates (Inside the Park HR)


Nolan Gray Dodgers

5/19 - Dodgers vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)

6/5 Dodgers vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)

6/12 Dodgers vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)


Jackson Jones - Cardinals

5/9 - Cardinals vs. Pirates

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodger GRAND SLAM!

6/4 - Cardinals vs. Braves

6/4 - Cardinals vs. Braves

6/5 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers (Inside the Park GS)


Bennett Michaels Cardinals

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers


Owen Moore - Dodgers

5/3 - Dodgers vs. Pirates


Jackson Shepherd - Rays

6/3 - Rays vs. Astros (Inside the Park HR)


Tyler Wilson Cardinals

5/7 - Cardinals vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers

by posted 05/12/2015
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