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Congratulations: RLL 2017 All Star Players
Manager:  Brian Murphy

Chris Flint

Killian Gray

Jake Haley

Gar Hindle

Tucker Huskey

Jackson Jones

Stone Karnacewicz

Bennett Michaels

Owen Moore

Cade Murphy

Briggs Williams

Owen Wilson

Tyler Wilson


Congratulations: Killian and Nolan Gray - HR Hitters



2017 Home Run Hitters


Patrick Bancroft - Braves

6/3 - Braves vs. Dodgers


Cade Murphy - Braves

5/2 - Braves vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)


Chris Flint - Braves

5/16 - Braves vs. Pirates

5/20 - Braves vs. Pirates


Lucas Fuller - Cardinals

5/2 - Cardinals vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)


Killian Gray Dodgers

6/14 - Dodgers vs. Pirates (Inside the Park HR)


Nolan Gray Dodgers

5/19 - Dodgers vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)

6/5 Dodgers vs. Cardinals (Inside the Park HR)

6/12 Dodgers vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)


Jackson Jones - Cardinals

5/9 - Cardinals vs. Pirates

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodger GRAND SLAM!

6/4 - Cardinals vs. Braves

6/4 - Cardinals vs. Braves

6/5 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers (Inside the Park GS)


Bennett Michaels Cardinals

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers


Owen Moore - Dodgers

5/3 - Dodgers vs. Pirates


Jackson Shepherd - Rays

6/3 - Rays vs. Astros (Inside the Park HR)


Tyler Wilson Cardinals

5/7 - Cardinals vs. Braves (Inside the Park HR)

5/19 - Cardinals vs. Dodgers

by posted 05/12/2015
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